There are so many apps available at our fingertips (literally), and this amount grows every single day. Some of these apps are beneficial to our working lives, from keeping us more organised to making our jobs more portable, there are plenty of ways apps can increase productivity in the workplace – and in this post I am going to tell you some of these ways!


Calendar apps are almost always built into phones and tablets now, and they really are transformative in terms of keeping yourself organised. From scheduling meetings and apointments, sending out your available times to clients, or reminding yourself of deadlines, these apps can keep you up to date with everything. Not only are they helpful in keeping you organised, they are paperless – so you get to save the environment at the same time!


These apps can save you so much time! If your job requires you to post content on social media, for example, an app like Hootsuite (which I use myself) means that you can sit down and plan your posts for the next week/month/year, however much you want, meaning that you can free up your future time. These apps are easy to find and increases the quality of your work – what could be better?

Mobility and accessibility is increased with these apps, as employees don’t have to be together geographically in order to work together. With so much time spent either in meetings or organising meetings, these apps allow workers to work remotely and together at the same time. These apps can include file sharing tools such as Google Drive, and even instant messaging apps.


Most companies will use a CRM System (Customer Relationship Management), and some of these systems have even been made into apps. These systems allow you to manage customer interactions and store data about your clients. Similarly, there are apps such as Facebook Pages Manager which can help you to keep track of any social media messages your company receives, and answer them as quickly as you can.


I hope that this has given you an idea of how apps can increase productivity in the workplace, and you may download one or two of these apps to do so! To save you even more time, we have written a super easy guide on how to write a job advert, which you can download below:

How to Write a Successful Job Advert