Since 1991 when the world wide web was established there has been a shift towards online recruitment. Obviously there are tons of pros and cons to every recruitment method, and today I am going to tell you some of the benefits of this method of recruitment!

  •  Candidates –
    Starting off with the benefits of online recruitment for candidates, this method makes it so much easier for candidates to search for and find positions that suit their skills, experience and qualifications. They have access to job advertisements all over the world, seeking out opportunities with companies they may not have heard of, a stark contrast from previous opportunities where jobseekers would only have access to positions advertised in the newspaper.


  • Resourcing –
    Similarly, employers can now access millions of candidates through the internet, using job boards and social media sites. Through Facebook alone an employer has over 1 billion profiles to search and contact if they choose to, so by advertising on this website there is potential for a vacancy to reach a vast population of people. Job boards will often have a database of CVs which can be accessed and searched through in order to find candidates with the correct skills and experience, giving employers the ability to reach out and contact them about their vacancies.
  • Time –
    One of the biggest advantages of this recruitment method is that it is available 24/7. Job seekers can search for suitable positions at any time of the day, while employers can advertise and search for candidates whenever it suits them. This is very different to past recruitment methods such as advertising in the newspaper, which was a much slower process.


  • Money –
    Another change that came from the rise of online recruitment was a cheaper alternative to job advertising. There are now plenty of low cost ways to fill a vacancy, such as using a flat fee recruitment service. This type of recruitment method not only means that you vacancy will be advertised, but the applications will also be screened and candidates resourced, all for one price!


  • Organisation –
    My final benefit is the amount of admin time that you can save. No more sifting through a physical pile of CVs, worrying about jumbling up papers, or spending your life at the shredder – the technology that comes with online recruitment means no more admin! With an ATS (applicant tracking system) all adverts and applications are held in the same place and can easily be searched for.


I hope that this post has given you an idea of some of the benefits of online recruitment. If you are wondering which recruitment method is best for your business, we are now offering free recruitment consultations – no strings attached!