There are many ways that an internship can benefit your career, especially when it is so hard to find a job straight after you graduate, as they provide you with the experience employees are so often looking for. So, this blog post will tell you why you should consider one!

Internships give you a great opportunity to find your dream job, so by doing one or two you can get a feel for the kind of thing you’ll enjoy, and decide on whether you’d actually want to follow that career route. Similarly, if you haven’t worked a 9-5 job before then this can give you some experience of what that’s like.


Your CV will greatly benefit from you doing an internship, as it will give you new skills to add, more experience to talk about, and give the impression that you are dedicated to your career. These things should give you an advantage over other applicants when it comes to applying for jobs in the future!

This experience will also make you more comfortable in future interviews, as it is likely you will be interviewed before being accepted for an internship, giving you a chance to become more familiar with the types of questions asked. If you need help preparing for your interviews, check out our interview tips!


Your LinkedIn will grow during this period, as you will get a chance to network and build your contacts within your chosen industry – and you should definitely take advantage of this! Once you have gained an idea of whether your position within the company is temporary or not, you can use your new network to find yourself a permanent position.


It’s important to be aware that you could be offered a full-time, permanent position, saving you from having to look for a new position. This is most likely to happen if you really give the experience your all – if your employer is impressed then you could see some huge benefits.


I hope this post has given you an idea of why you should consider an internship, and your outlook on finding a position after school, college or university is a bit less daunting. For more tips and tricks around recruitment, check out our blog!