Employee benefits are a great thing to add to any job advert, and be the final push in a candidates decision to apply for your role. Today I’m going to give you some ideas of which benefits to include in your advert and why!

Not every employee will need the same benefits – younger employees will have different priorities to older employees – so consider the demographic of your workforce and who you are trying to employ.

Some examples of employee benefits include:

  • Holiday allowance – For almost all employees knowing how much holiday allowance they are entitled to in a new position can be persuasive. Therefore, highlighting how many days, and whether or not bank holidays are included should probably be on your advert.
  • Pension scheme – These tend to be defined by how much both the employee and employer choose to set aside every year, meaning that the more they set aside the more they’ll have when they retire. When a pension is provided at work, the employer often contributes too.
  • Sick Pay – Most employees are entitled to a certain amount of Statutory Sick Pay, which covers up to six months off work due to illness/injury. Some employers will offer more sick pay than this, and will cover employees for a longer period.
  • Private Healthcare/Medical Insurance – Basically, this pays for the cost of private treatment for medical problems – but does not cover all conditions. Private Medical Insurance covers the cost of treatment, and is a taxable benefit.
  • Life Insurance – Otherwise known as Death in Service, this is where, if an employee dies, a tax-free lump sum is paid in order to support anyone who is financially dependent on them. It is often a certain number of times their salary, so a “four times salary” policy would amount to £80,000 if the employee was earning £20,000 per year.
  • Childcare vouchers – This will be taken out of an employee’s salary before tax and National Insurance, and is known as “salary sacrifice”. It is where a certain amount of their salary will turn into a certain (bigger) amount of vouchers, which can be used for nurseries, preschools, nannies or childminders until the child turns 15.
  • Car allowance – This means that an extra payment will be made to the employee in order to allow them to buy a car for their work, with some employers giving a mileage allowance for every mile driven on company business.
  • Gym membership – Some employers will provide this taxable benefit (meaning that employees will pay towards it), where employees will either get a free gym membership or a discounted rate.


Hopefully this will give you an idea of what kind of employee benefits you could include in a job advert in order to entice the best candidates possible. If you need a bit of extra help with writing job adverts, you can check out our helpful guide!