So Facebook is obviously one of the biggest sites on the internet, and since its birth in February 2004 it has continued to grow. With the billions of people who have profiles on the site, it can be a brilliant way to find your dream employees, so today I’m going to tell you how to recruit using Facebook.

The statistics:

Recent statistics show that there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users, and 1.15 billion daily active users. The most common age demographic is age 25 – 34, and 76% of females and 66% of males are on Facebook.

Is it worth it?
So, with the huge amount of people using Facebook there are obviously opportunities for you to advertise your vacancies and find candidates, but is it better than job boards?

Obviously the success of recruiting on Facebook will differ depending on the kind of role you are hiring for, an aerospace engineer with 15 years’ experience and a PhD may not be actively scrolling through their timeline for 4 hours a day, but for jobs in Social Media, Marketing or even Sales you could be in luck!

There are also specific pages that give you a platform to advertise your position, and some recruitment agencies, flat fee recruiters and job boards will advertise your post on social media as part of their service.

Like I said when talking about using Instagram to recruit, you need to establish your company’s brand on social media to make people more trusting of you. If you have a strong presence online then you have more of an advantage over your competitors, who may be advertising for similar positions.


How does it work?
Most companies who advertise on Facebook will link back to their Careers page, which will provide further information and a way of applying, or will tell interested candidates how to apply. Members of staff can also share the job adverts on their own personal profiles, creating more chances for engagement from candidates.

An example of this is Lush and how they advertise for their Christmas staff:

The Lush (Oxford Street) Facebook page has over 31,000 likes, so by advertising this position on Facebook alone there is an opportunity for that many people to see it.

Another great way to keep potential candidates engaged is to socialise with them on social media. Reply to comments, answer messages, actively post about what is happening within your company – by keeping them in the loop they will be more likely to trust your brand and want to work for you! Ideas like “meet the team” days every week are a great way to entice potential employees, especially Millennials, who want to know everything they can.


Sourcing candidates:
One great feature of Facebook is that candidates can be sourced. You can search for specific things, including:

  • [Job title] who live near [location]
  • People who work at [Competitor]

When you find your perfect candidates using this method you can message them or find their LinkedIn account, or even find any mutual connections between the two of you for a warm introduction.


Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to recruit using Facebook, and you feel confident that you can go out and find your dream candidates! If you are in need of some more advice about which recruitment solution is best for you, we are now offering free recruitment consultations – no strings attached!