Job Board Advertising

If you have a vacancy to fill, there are multiple recruitment solutions for you to choose from. One of these solutions is job board advertising. Posting your advert on a job board in the hopes that you will be able to find your perfect candidate.

You may be debating whether or not this is right for you, and luckily for you, we have compiled a handy little guide to help you decide. 

What is it Job Board Advertising?

Major job boards include Monster, Totaljobs, CV Library, Jobsite, Reed and CareerBuilder. Posting your advert on a few of these sites can give you some great exposure and hopefully bring in some relevant applications.

The job boards will send you applications as they come in, and your perfect candidate may (or may not) be amongst those candidates.

Job Board Advertising
The Benefits

As I’ve already said, job board advertising can give you some great exposure.  This not only comes from your vacancy being on one of the major job boards. This is also because many job boards have aggregator boards which the role will be posted on. This is often related to the industry.  This means that applicants will apply for your role, giving you a great pool of candidates to choose from.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of job board advertising is that some job boards will email your role out to candidates. This provides more exposure and hopefully bringing in more apps.

A third advantage comes from being able to choose between branded or unbranded adverts.  There are benefits from either option. From branded adverts providing better exposure and attracting more candidates, to unbranded adverts being less costly.

The Drawbacks

One of the drawbacks of job board advertising is that, while your vacancy and company get some great exposure, this exposes the fact that you are hiring to your competitors.  This means that companies X, Y and Z can see exactly what role you’re hiring for and how much you are willing to pay the candidate, and can actively compete with you in order to get the best candidates for themselves.  This drawback does rely on you choosing branded advertising, which is a whole other topic that you can explore here.

Other Disadvantages

Another disadvantage comes from you having to go through the apps yourself – even the bad ones.  A way around this would be choosing a service such as Flat Fee Recruitment, where you get advertising on the job boards, but also get an Account Manager to go through the applications as they come in, saving you hours of screening irrelevant candidates.


After reading this you may have decided on whether or not Job Board Advertising is the one for you.  If not, we are now offering a free recruitment consultation, where we can give you our expert advice, and guide you in the right direction – no strings attached.