Internships can bring many benefits to a company, and are definitely something that should be considered. The intern that you hire will often be very determined to add more experience to their portfolio, so are very eager to impress you and learn all they can from your business. So, this blog post will give you an idea of how a paid internship could benefit your business!

Obviously you will want to ensure you hire the best talent you can, but this often means that you will have to pay them, because the next big thing probably won’t be wanting to work for free. So once you’ve found the next rising star, you should utilise their current talents as soon as you can. While interns have a great opportunity to gain industry experience, a huge benefit for your business comes when you make them an important asset to your company.

Your employer branding will benefit if you pay your interns, as more interns being encouraged to apply for roles with your company if you are seen to be supporting rising talent. Don’t forget, internships are both an investment in their future and in the future of your company!

Keeping your interns happy will ensure that they remain eager to learn and make you more likely to want to hire them once this period finishes. By paying your intern, you allow them to feel more like a team player, and statistics show they will be more satisfied in their internship than an unpaid intern.


Hopefully this has given you an idea of how a paid internship could benefit your business, and you now feel ready to go out and find your dream intern. Check out our guide to writing job adverts so that you can have all the best interns rushing to your door!