In the world of recruitment there are a lot of pre-emptive assumptions that are made, and while some can turn out to be true, some of them are total conspiracies. Now I am a big fan of conspiracy theories (aliens are real), but today I’m going to disprove all of the common misconceptions about recruitment that you may be subject to.

Firstly and arguably most importantly, not all Recruiters are parasites. I know it can be annoying getting a ton of calls from Recruiters on the regular, and I know some people in this world are rude, but we’re not all the same! This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about recruitment, and I can see why it would have an effect on your choice of recruitment solution, but once again – we are not all parasites.

Secondly, it’s not always going to work. Just like everything in life, it might fail, but it’s also probably worth the risk in case it does succeed and you find your dream candidate. Depending on your area, location, the job you’re recruiting for, etc. it might be harder to find that candidate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

Number three in my list of common misconceptions about recruitment comes from people seeming to think that Recruiters know nothing. The truth is, some Recruiters might not be the master of that industry, but that’s not always the case. Quite often a Recruiter will have worked within the industry, and then moved into recruitment. If a role is ridiculously specialist and hard to fill, your best solution is going to be using a specific Agency, where the Consultant is likely to be super clued up on what your job will require.

Fourth is that Recruiters only care about the money you bring in. While money is important, and we all have targets to hit, money isn’t the only thing that motivates the people who work in recruitment. Most Recruiters take their job seriously, and actually find it fulfilling to find you great candidates for your vacancies – meaning that a placement is good for both us, the recruiters, and you, the customer.

The fifth and final misconception is that recruitment is easy. Now the difficulty level of filling a role changes with each vacancy, an Admin or Customer Service job is going to be easier to fill than a PHP Developer or CAD Designer, but every single position we advertise takes effort on our part, from multiple people. From the Sales Executive who brings on the new client (you), to the Consultants who optimise and advertise your vacancy, and the Resourcer who contacts the perfect candidates for your role in the hopes of more applications. There is a vast amount of energy put into recruiting for your role, whether the role is “easy” or “hard.

So, I hope this small list has helped to disprove some of the common misconceptions about recruitment that are floating around in the universe (alongside the UFOs). If you are now considering that Recruitment could be the one for you, I have actually written about the different recruitment solutions for you, which could be the next step in your decision.

Now that you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about using a recruitment service to fill your position, our free recruitment consultation could be helpful, so get in touch today and we can give you an idea of which recruitment method is the one for you!