When starting a career in Recruitment you sometimes hear the mysterious phrases “temp” and “perm” which may sound confusing, but are actually pretty simple. So, in this blog post I’m going to give you a handy rundown of the difference between these two types of job, and what it is like to recruit for them!

Perm Jobs:

  • Perm literally means permanent – recruitment is not rocket science.
  • These jobs are ones where, once employed, a candidate’s job is secure unless they are fired or quit. Most jobs are permanent, and if they aren’t the job advert should say so.
  • Permanent positions can include fixed term contracts – but contract work is something I’ll go into another time.
  • Basically, a permanent position within a company means that you are entitled to full employee benefits; from holiday allowance to pension schemes.

Temp Jobs:

  • On the other hand, I bet everyone is struggling to work out what this could possibly mean! You got it, kids, temp = temporary (audience gasps).
  • Temporary work can be on a flexible basis, and temp workers can be used to cover illness or maternity/paternity leave, for example. There will be an agreed hourly rate (rather than a monthly salary), and you will be entitled to a certain amount of holiday, which will be based on the amount of time you work.
  • Some temporary workers work through an Agency, and are paid their hourly rate through that Agency, rather than being employed and paid through the company they work for.


For employers, temporary work allows for hiring employees for a specific amount of time, or to do a specific job, without the need to fire them afterwards. As well as this, it can be a good way to test out potentially new employees, before hiring them in a permanent position. However, using lots of temporary workers means that a lot of your time is spent training new workers. On the other hand, hiring permanent workers saves you time in training, and leads to your company gaining stability in a set team of workers.


I hope that this little blog post has given you an idea of the difference between temp and perm jobs, for both employers and employees.  To the employers reading this, if you have found some workers who you are ready to interview and hire, either temporary or permanent, you may want to read our interview tips and tricks, and download our handy little interview cheat sheet – giving you some tips and tricks for the big interview day!