There are billions of things that can cause us stress, and the main causes will depend on each individual. However, there are some key causes of workplace stress, and today I’m going to tell you about three of them.


Often we see our colleagues as much as we do our families, so getting along with our colleagues is pretty important. Therefore, these relationships can have a huge impact on workplace stress.

A great way to build workplace relationships is to hold team building days or exercises in order to bring the team together and form better bonds in the workplace.


This one shouldn’t be too much of a shock – it has been revealed that long hours are one of the main causes of workplace stress. Obviously, some professions and industries require long hours (think Doctors working around 12 hours a day).

Therefore, by trying to adjust working patterns, or breaking shifts into smaller chunks, you can reduce the overall stress of your workplace.


Job Security
One of the biggest causes of workplace stress and general life stress is job security, and there are several reasons for this stress. These worries come from the future of the company, and whether they will still be needed in the future.

Some of the best ways to combat this kind of stress as an employer are:

  • Be honest about the future of the company – if your employees are invested in the future of the company (and their future within it) then reassure them that their employment isn’t under threat.
  • If someone has done something great, reward them! You don’t have to buy them a new car or give them a huge bonus, but even a simple thank you or bottle of wine to congratulate them is likely to curb their worries about whether or not they’re good enough.
  • I’ve written a whole post on how HR can create good mental health, so for some more ways to combat stress in the workplace you can read it here.


I hope this has given you an idea of some of the biggest causes of workplace stress, and you now have an idea of how to limit it. For more great tips and tricks around HR and recruitment, check out the rest of our blog!