Branded Job Board Advertising - is it worth is?

Over the years, we’ve posted thousands of campaigns for our clients and have experimented with both branded and unbranded job advertising.  Hopefully, after looking through this page, you’ll understand the pros and cons of branded job advertising and see why we (unlike our competitors) only post branded onto the major UK job boards.

What is Job Board Advertising?

To put it simply, Job Board Advertising is just posting your vacancy onto Job Boards such as Reed, Monster or Totaljobs for candidates to search for and apply.

Certain Job Boards will also email out your vacancy to a certain amount of suitable candidates in the hope that they will apply.

The different job boards that we place branded job adverts onto.
Branded Job Board Advertising shows your company logo.

To Brand, or not to Brand, that is the question.

There are two different types of job board advertising – branded or unbranded. Branded job board advertising is where your company name and logo are shown alongside the text and unbranded is where the job board’s logo is there.

For example, if we were to post your advert branded (which we do) it’ll look as though it was posted by you, attracting better quality candidates and if we were to post it unbranded, it would show as a CrunchPoster advert.


• You’ll Get Better Candidates  By posting to every major job board, we’ll capture the best candidates, no matter where they’re searching.

• You’ll Get More Candidates – Not only will you get better candidates, you’ll also get a higher number – and don’t forget there’s no limit to the number of hires.

• You’ll Build Your Company’s Brand Image – Your logo will be all over the internet, on the websites of industry leading job boards with millions of monthly hits.


• A Little More Expensive – With so many benefits, job boards are able to charge a premium for branded job adverts. But don’t worry… we purchase them by the thousand, so we’re able to pass on our huge savings to you.

• May Get Calls from Recruiters – As with any job board, recruiters tend to use them to find new leads. There’s a chance you’ll get a few recruiters calling, but it’s well worth it for the benefits it brings.

Branded Advertising Stats Report

So is it Worth the Extra Cost?

The answer from us is a resounding YES.

As we mentioned, branded job board advertising is a little more expensive – but it is definitely worth the cost.

If you post unbranded adverts, there’s a higher advert failure rate, which means that you could waste some of your recruitment budget. We’ve done loads of research into the branded vs unbranded issue and our research has shown that branded advertising wins every time. With the majority of our competitors using unbranded adverts (and offering cheaper packages as a result), it’s easy to be drawn.

Let the Statistics do the Talking…

The Branded Job Advertising Insider’s Report

Branded Advertising Stats Report

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